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Welcome to WOW! Careers, your portal as a massage therapist to creating a career at WOW! Massage that can be fun, lucrative, and rewarding. WOW! Massage is dedicated to creating a positive working environment for all of its therapists so that they enjoy coming to work and sharing their gifts of massage therapy with the world. If you think you’d like to come work in a beautiful space that provides a fun, exciting, rapidly growing environment with plenty of career advancement opportunities, then working for WOW! might be exactly what you want to do!

Licensed Massage Therapist and Licensed Esthetician Careers:

What we look for at WOW! Massage is a cut above the usual. We want skilled massage therapists and estheticians, obviously, and we want them to be ready and willing to maintain a positive attitude that is infectious among our workers and that transfers into real positivity and care for our clients. If you’re friendly and like helping people to feel their best, and you have good skill at the table, then this is the place for you.

For our therapists and estheticians, we offer competitive, even generous, pay for their work because we believe that your work is hard and that you deserve it. We also offer benefits, some of which have value that is hard to measure. For instance, a major challenge for massage therapists and estheticians that are just starting out is building a client base, but with the WOW! Massage name and marketing team behind you, you’ll have a huge advantage right out of the gate. Our always-positive, team-oriented working environment is another great perk of working for WOW! Massage. Just like what we want for our clients, our therapists should never feel like a number or commodity. You’re special and important to us, and we want you to know it and help keep that attitude flowing throughout the workplace.

We’re also flexible. If you want to work part time, then that’s fine. If you want to work full time, then that’s fine too. Let us help you fill the schedule you want to keep! We’re okay with you doing your own thing too. In fact, we believe you’ll love working at WOW! so much that we’re not interested in forcing you to sign a strongly limiting non-compete contract.

In addition, particularly since WOW! Massage is, at present, a very young and upcoming company with tons of growth potential and an awesome business model, there will rapidly be a need for new partial and full management positions in our company, and you, as veterans of the company, will be ideally poised to seize those chances if you want them and show aptitude for them. We want to know your opinions on how to make things better from your first days with us, and if you’re interested, the possibility exists to make a rich, fulfilling career out of your experience with WOW! Massage.

Benefits of working for WOW! Massage:

Pay: WOW! Massage offers an incredible pay opportunity for Licensed Massage Therapists and Licensed Estheticians. All of our therapists and estheticians receive a better-than-half split for their massage/facial time, are allowed to keep 100% of their tips, can earn sales commissions, get a portion of any upgrades that clients want to add to their massage or facial (after all, it’s the therapist that makes the upgrade happen!), and even have the opportunity to learn other jobs around the store and take them on for even more pay. Full-time therapists and estheticians at WOW! should routinely earn an industry-competitive paycheck on base pay alone, and with all of the options to improve that pay, they should find themselves doing quite well.

Benefits: Full-time WOW! Massage therapists and estheticans will be in the position as the company grows to qualify for benefits packages that therapists/estheticians who work for themselves have to provide on their own. Also, WOW! Massage employees are automatically members of WOW! Massage and can enjoy all of the services we have to offer at any time with all of the member perks.

FREE and discounted Continued Education courses are offered on a regular basis to help you hit that minimum CE requirement!

Marketing: One of the most time-consuming aspects of growing and maintaining a thriving massage therapy business, particularly for a sole-proprietor or private business owner, is marketing. WOW! Massage has a marketing team that makes that aspect of the career easy for the therapist/esthetician while still allowing them to promote themselves for an even stronger clientele.

Company Name: As with in marketing, when you choose to work for WOW! Massage, you’re signing on to a name that is quickly becoming recognized in the area for providing outstanding massage therapy and aestheic services, and so you can rest assured that the name will be bringing even more clients in as word spreads. This is a form of free and subtle marketing that a company like WOW! Massage offers its employees just by its commitment to quality and success, and by working for WOW! Massage, you’ll have that tied to your name as well.

Scheduling: We take care of scheduling for you! All of the time that you might normally have to spend calling and confirming with clients, organizing things to meet your and their schedules, is handled by our front desk. This allows you to focus on giving high-quality massages/facials and creating a personal connection with your clients, taking that pressure off of you, the therapist.

Positive working environment: WOW! Massage is strongly committed to having and maintaining a very positive working environment where its employees love their work and love coming to work to do it. The surroundings are nice, the people are nice, and your experience working at WOW! should also be nice. If you like coming to work and enjoy what you do, you’ll find that it hardly feels like work at all, a benefit of tremendous value. Let us WOW! you too, and help us WOW! each other together every day!

Advancement: WOW! Massage is a rapidly growing enterprise in the massage therapy world, and as it grows, so does its potential to offer you great career opportunities. Working for yourself or at a spa, your advancement opportunities are very limited, but at WOW! Massage, as it grows, you could be finding your way into management positions in a relatively short time.

Flexibility: At WOW! Massage, we want you to continue to enjoy the flexibility that comes with being a massage therapist/esthetician. For the most part, we want you to schedule when you’re willing to work, as much or as little as you want, and work at the times that suit you best. If you want to work part time, tell us, and we’ll set it up. If you want to fill your schedule, tell us, and we’ll help get it full. If you have reasons that your schedule needs to be flexible or limited, tell us, and we’ll work with you!

Administrative Careers:

Would you like to be apart of the top performing massage clinic in Knoxville? Here at WOW! Massage, we are looking for friendly, outgoing, and enthusiastic sales associates who enjoy giving superior customer service. If you love helping people, being rewarded for achievements,  and would like to be apart of our WOW! family, Contact us today!


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